2023 Advocacy Reports

2023 Advocacy Reports

2023 Advocacy Reports - Summary of 2023 Maryland General Assembly Bills of Interest, with links to MDDCSAM’s Written Testimony

Prepared by Joe Adams, M.D., Chair, MDDCSAM Public Policy Committee

( Testimony from prior years is under ‘2022’). See the links to MDDCSAM testimony. MDDCSAM’s position is indicated by ‘Support,’ ‘Oppose,’ or ‘Letter of Information.’ Any oral testimony can be viewed at the Maryland General Assembly's website. A plain English summary is generally available under the “Fiscal and Policy Note” for each bill.


SB 516 Cannabis Reform - LETTER OF INFORMATION

We are writing to ensure that the foreseeable public health harms are understood and to suggest ways to minimize them. Experience in other states suggests that legalization will increase cannabis use, daily cannabis use, and the use of high-potency (i.e., high THC content) cannabis products, and will increase the prevalence of cannabis-related harms among some individuals.